Kimberly has a heart for the Lord Jesus Christ and she desires to share God’s word throughout the world.

Ministry Leader 
Kimberly teaches on topics that speak to her heart with a focus on post-abortion healing, divorce care, hope and spiritual freedom.  Her life experiences and complete transparency speak to the hearts of many and bring hope to those seeking peace, love, joy, and mercy that are only found at the cross.

Healing & Hope
With a passion to help others, she has a vision that God will be her provider and provision so that she may help others globally with feeding programs, health/medical programs, shelters for the homeless, refuge for the battered, and healing for the hopeless.

Caring & Sharing
Since 2013 God has opened the door to opportunities for Kimberly to share her testimony, or rather her messes, for the glory of God’s Kingdom… HIS messages!  No one chooses to speak about debt, divorce, drinking, date rape or abortion, BUT GOD!  When God brings you from the pit of despair to the foot of the cross, when God transforms your life and you walk in freedom, when God brings death to life, by His grace and His grace alone, you are called to share the good news with all who will listen.

There is nothing our God cannot do!
Born, raised and currently residing in Modesto, California, Kimberly was married to Jeremiah, on December 26, 2015.  Come on Jesus!   The couple seeks God’s perfect will for their lives and by the leading of the Holy Spirit are believing for opportunities to help others, believing for miracles for many, and abundant blessings for all of God’s people, for their children, for their families, for their friends, for their city, for their state, for their country, and for their nation.

Victorious by His Grace!

Kimberly is God’s Favorite!